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Dua' Yaseen
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Methods and Rules:-

Any ritual deeds of Islam normally comes with a sets of rules and regulations. Some of them are simply unnecessary but we are being told to observe even some nifty rules because such guidelines would make it easier for all of us to 'shoot a goal'.

The following are the necessary rules to adhere to when reciting the duas:

  • One should always remain in ablution (wudhu) while reciting. If for certain reason one's ablution has become invalid, he should stop reciting and perform a new ablution before continuing.
  • The dua should be recited for a total number of 41x or by a total number of 41 persons in a group.
  • It is not permissible to talk until the recitation is completed.
  • If the recitation is performed in a group, one must sit with one's knees or thighs touching one another.
  • It is not permissible to recite the dua for unlawful or bad purposes. However it is all right to recite the dua for some worldy gains such as seeking divine help in upcoming school examination.

Other Optional Rules for Recitation

  • Perform istighfar (seeking God's forgiveness) 3x
  • Recitation of Sura al Fatehah (Sura Hamd) for Holy Prophet (pbuhahf)
  • Recitation of above for the waly of the Holy Prophet (pbuhahf)
  • Recitation of above for the four Malaikah (Angels)
  • Recitation of above for one's parents
  • Recitation of above for one's teachers
  • Recitation of above for moslems around the world
  • Start reciting the Yasin Dua.
    (Note:- On Page 11, at al Hajat blue section, one should indicate one's intention of reciting)
  • Recite Subhanallah 313x
  • Recite Alhamdulillah 313x
  • Recite Allahuakbar 313x
  • Recite salawat 313x
  • Recite La ila hail lallah 1000x
  • Recite Ayat Lazim
  • Recite any Dua


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